Shared Experience Art Machine

We are global creative collective

What is our story?

Originally founded as a screenwriter's workshop, SEAM offered education and funding to storytellers involved in the creation of transmedia entertainment franchises. To coordinate the development between teams with varied skillsets, the workshop devised a radical new story development engine called, 'Story Design', which it used to build coherent, cross-media storytelling projects, while maintaining the integrity of the writer's vision irregardless of the medium - graphic novels, games, film & television. Story Design proved so effective that we soon realized it had a much wider application and could be used in other creative industries. Consequently, we began converting our process into both a digital platform and a content creation tool.

Where are we?

Shared Experience Art Machine is headquartered in Los Angeles with branch offices in Kuala Lumpur, London, and San Francisco. We have two organizations: SEAM, LLC and SEAM LTD.



Headquartered in the US, we are building a digital platform for global creatives that accelerates innovation through mass collaboration.



Headquartered in the UK, We are a Creatives Co-operative for the development, management and licensing of new intellectual property.

We are hiring

Developers & Storytellers are very welcome! We need coders for our platform and storytellers for our content. click the button below the register your interest.

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