Shared Experience Art Machine

Innovation from Mass Collaboration



Create profound social change by tapping the global creative surplus.


Give freelancers the community, platform, and tools to invest in themselves.


Open Production, mass collaboration, good governance, shared participation.


Shared Experience

We are all Artists and Audience at the same time. We are building an open-production studio for consumer-driven development where everyone is a stakeholder. We design systems of governance to manage consensus, track contributions and resolve conflict in order to make creative teams more effective and ensure equitable & fair remuneration. We believe creatives should be fairly rewarded for their efforts and not disadvantaged by the gig economy or treated any less equal than financial investors.

"Where Creativity finds its Audience"

Art Machine

We design games for rapid-prototying, team-sourcing, and market testing. Diversity, transparency, and democracy are critical to our process. We provide a safe environment for knowledge sharing and experimentation, and support team projects that further our goals. Our Studio is both a platform and a community to harness diverse talent and increase serendipity, so that we may solve any creative challenge.

"Play, Create."


Explore. Learn. Evolve.